Making the Most of P3s in Arkansas

Date: June 13, 2018

Time: 01:30PM - 03:00PM

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Arkansas’ P3 enabling legislation, water and transportation P3 statutes, and non-statutory P3 arrangements are of great interest to P3 project developers and design-build teams alike. Join this webinar to better understand basic P3s, P3 options in Arkansas, and three Arkansas P3 projects currently being developed.

  • Gain knowledge of key elements about P3s around the US
  • Discuss the need and interest of P3s in Arkansas
  • Understand Arkansas’ P3 enabling legislation and process
  • Understand Arkansas local water P3 statute, the transportation P3 tolling statute, and the processes (briefly discuss non-statutory P3, such as lease-back)
  • Learn about three Arkansas P3 projects under development (port, water distribution, and transportation)

  • Susan Roberts, Ph.D., PG, Director, Water Systems Division, Center for Applied Technology, Texas A&M
  • Matt Girard, DBIA, Group Head, Civil Division, Plenary Group
  • Larry Watkins, Esq, Attorney at the Mitchell Williams Law Firm and Professor of Construction Law (ADJ) at Univ. Ark. School of Law at Little Rock
  • Jerry Holder, Garver