2018 Design-Build Conference & Expo

WE04 - From Owner to Practitioner: A View from Both Sides

Nov 7, 2018 3:30pm ‐ Nov 7, 2018 4:30pm

Credits: None available.


Owners and Design Build Practitioners both recognize the value of Design Build but often from different perspectives. Whether its to displacement of risk, the ability to innovate and solve problems quickly or the assembling of efficient teams, both players of a Design Build project need to recognize and understanding the other’s goals and objectives and manage expectations. This Session hopes to educate both owners and practitioners by discussion various Design Build topics from both the owner’s perspective and the practitioner’s perspective and provide guidance for moving forward in understanding both sides. The hope is through continued growth of more certified DBIA Owners and DBIA Practitioners ; as well as further reinforcing Design Build Done Right Best Practices, a mutual understanding and level of expectation can be fortified with each new Design Build Project.

Learning Objectives:

  • Establish Basis for Differing Perspectives between Owners and Practitioners
  • Develop Positive Resolution or understanding for various conflicting Topics
  • Emphasize the value and DBIA Certification to educate Owners and Practitioners
  • Promote Design Build Best Practices to resolve conflicts and promote consistency within the industry



Credits: None available.

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