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Design-Build Webinars

WEB170511 - Understanding the New DBIA Code of Conduct

May 11, 2017 2:30pm ‐ May 11, 2017 3:30pm

Credits: None available.



Beginning June 1, 2017, DBIA’s new Code of Professional Conduct will become effective. While all DBIA members are encouraged and expected to adhere to the Code, those holding the DBIA™ and Assoc. DBIA™ credentials will be subject to enforcement of the Code and possible disciplinary action resulting from violations of the Code. Since DBIA’s inception in 1993 our members have been dedicated to the highest level of ethical conduct, professionalism and service. With the increased use of design-build project delivery and the increased recognition of DBIA™ certified professionals, the professional conduct of DBIA members and, in particular, credential holders, is more important than ever.

In this seminar you will:

  • Discuss the importance of a robust Code of Professional Conduct to the design-build profession.
  • Review the key elements of the Code of Professional Conduct including the rules, comments and enforcement.
  • Understand the basis for a complaint and/or appeal.
  • Discuss procedures by which credential holders will be required to attest to their agreement of the Code.


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Jim Pon
10/5/18 8:00 pm

Please keep in mind this is a Certification not a Licencing Board.

Teruka Jimenez
11/1/18 10:35 am

Thank you very much!

James Luebeck
11/2/18 12:25 pm

Thank you, this webinar was very informative and delivered well.

Edward Landrith
11/2/18 5:29 pm

I noticed that the CoPC is relatively silent on the issues of equal opportunity and harassment. Has DBIA considered more direct language than that found in Comment 1-A? Comment 1-B seems to require an actual conviction for such conduct.

Charles Purtee
11/12/18 5:51 pm

The archived New DBIA Code of Conduct Webinar (WEB 170511) provides a clear presentation of the course content and allows informative download of the course handout; Introduction; Ethical Rules and Comments; Enforcement and Disciplinary Actions. I'll be sharing the DBIA Code of Conduct concepts with those I mentor.

Justin Robertson
2/22/19 5:19 pm

Thanks for the Course!

Jim Voltz
4/10/19 9:29 am

Good Session. Thanks

Hussain Agah
6/17/19 1:06 am

Appreciate the presentation. Very information and streamlined.

Jay Losak
7/9/19 2:10 pm

Very informative session

Steve Ordung
9/3/19 11:13 am

Thank you very much...Good session

Benjamin Morgan
9/3/19 6:45 pm

Great job Tom and Jimmy! Well done!

Troy Thomas
1/11/20 10:57 am

Thank you to everyone who participated and presented and established this legacy webinar

Michal Anderson
1/14/20 1:55 am

Thank you!

Jason Abbott
1/23/20 5:43 pm

Thanks for this overview. I appreciate the time that it took to update this Code of Conduct.

Dan Luckhardt
2/5/20 6:55 pm

Great session, thanks!

Darrell Stelling
2/21/20 5:42 pm

Great code of conduct

Gary Hart
3/27/20 11:31 am

Suggest participants read the DBIA Code of Conduct as well as Section III prior to listening and watching this presentation.

Brian Walsh
5/12/20 2:08 pm

Well presented synopsis of proper Code of Conduct for both Owners and D-B firms,,,thanks

Carol Berlingieri
5/13/20 7:43 pm

Informative. Thanks.

Scott Dale
6/5/20 8:10 am

This session was extremely informative and reinforcing the Code of Conduct within our Industry.

Daniel Standke
6/7/20 1:51 pm

Session was informative of understanding the basics of the DBIA Code of Conduct.

Jocelyn Battle
9/22/20 4:31 pm

Very informative

Grace Lin
9/26/20 10:33 pm

This webinar is a great overview of the DBIA Code of Conduct. The presentation is well done. Thank you.

Michele Valenza
10/8/20 12:22 pm

It was mentioned in the webinar that there would be an evaluation to confirm attendance of the Ethics webinar however, there is nothing attached. I will be taking a DBIA training in October 2020 and this is required before accessing the course?

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